Friday, April 15, 2005


Mighty Mickey Mouse, his loving spouse and a lot of tiny little mice and a pack of rats live side-by-side in an illegally occupied Hollywood house with cats and bats and gnats and fat and fuzzy this and thats wearing hats and spats study specific statistics and logistics.

Most are teachers of fellow creatures, insect inspectors of sectors of scientific discipline, each a specialist in a different category. So what's the story? Each respects the other's territory. There are cogent rodents, insects of super intellect, on-line felines and science giants with brains the size of fleas and bees. All use mini-IBMs with their tiny size in mind.

One day the great Bill Gates went shopping for real estate. What's more. he found what he was looking for. He couldn't wait to obliterate this ancient piece of real estate on this site in which he found delight. But soon Gates the Man found bugs in his plan and a mouse loused up Bill's grand design for the project he had in mind.

So Mighty Mickey Mouse kept his house and Gates the Man is still in search of research real estate.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Micky Mouse is a dirty at. A louse and alll of that. But I take my hat off to Bill who, I undestand, is still looking for a reserch perch.

5:33 PM  
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