Friday, April 15, 2005


Aunt Acid was the meanest woman in town, a pill impossible to put down. I couldn't swallow the way she'd follow me around waiting to hear my belly growl, or listen to me burp when I slurped. When I passed gas she'd say I was low class.

Then Aunt Acid wed Al K. Seltzer and he was a perfect mate. Every time he ate his bride would decide to cook with expensive spices with prices that gave him indigestion. Just as a suggestion, Al K. said to A. A: "Let's seek a new way to cook." She said she would look. And she did.

If she found a new diet she'd ask him to try if it and if it agreed with his taste she'd proceed post-haste to no longer waste money on spices with peppery prices.

She experimented and invented new dishes they both found delicious. Now Aunt A. and Al K are both A-OK. Their past repast is passe for they've found a new way to eat and it can't be beat. True love is their meat. Their life is complete. They found health and harmony through gas-free gastronomy.