Monday, October 31, 2005


DUBYA, DUBYA, once a comer, now a dumber, prone to slumber while the voters do a number on his wrecked plumbing down while this clown still wears a crown as the self-declared King of Ding-a-ling. No doubt this Texas horse's ass should get out. This "dirty wurd" can't pass the mustard.
* * *
THIS TWICE selected president, illegal White House resident, this loser boozer, accuser diffuser of the truth, burglar at the voting booth, has made a mess of the U. S., aided by a bought and biased press and the far right fright. no less, should confess and face his doom and vacate the Oyeval Room. He and his phony baloney cronies gotta go. All the surveys say that's so.
* * *
POOR LITTLE Harriet takes her lumps and jumps off Dubya's clunking chariot. Says she: "I can't stand the daily dunking I've gotten since this punk plunked me in this race for a seat on this Court of Disgrace. And what's more, me and George ain't friends no more."


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