Friday, April 15, 2005


Here's how our government works. We elect the jerks who hire the clerks who do the work and then sit back while the hacks stack the vote in favor of the legislation the delegation of corporation CEOs have proposed. Of course the opposition knows the new law will never be enforced. Both sides are satisfied. And the taxpayers are taken for another ride.

All buy it and all is quiet until such time one side commits high level crime that violates the dictates of the bill everybody forgot about until this legislation made the news. Who will win and who will lose? Does it depend on judge and jury and the fury of the people at the time aroused by the crime?

Is the prosecutor a straight shooter or is he a lawyer-liar who aspires to a higher job, a slob, you know, one of those who can be led by the nose? Can he be bought? Has he been taught how to finagle under the table for private gain to seal or squelch the deal?

Sometimes the defense has the sense to find a flaw in the law and, of course, force the court to resort to throwing out the case post-haste.

This is what legal legality and legislative morality are all about. If one side can instill doubt, they can win out. The other side can react with fact and valid evidence, but current events amount to naught. The culprit's caught. That means a lot. The basic issues of the case won't get the winner to first base. It depends on who defends their side of the contest best. The question is: Who's the sinned and who's the sinner?

Forget the facts. Forget the law. Forget what the witness saw. Forget the testimony. It matters not what's true or phony. In the end it's bull and boloney.


Blogger Howard said...

Don't dispair Ed There are plenty around just like you..Me for one..I always tell the younger ones Don't get old because you are not going to like it..Happy logging

4:20 PM  
Blogger Ed Weiland said...

Thank you , Howard, who ever you are. You're my first response after about 24 hours.

6:28 PM  
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