Tuesday, June 14, 2005


What's going to happen to the U. S. A. with a president giving our freedoms away? Committing our sons and daughters to slaughter with a smirk and a sneer and a twisted smile and spending our money like it never existed or is going out of style. Creating enemies at every turn. When oh when will America learn?

Bush became our precedent-setting president and it was evident he meant to annoy us and destroy us. He took control of the nation he stole and went on a roll to put us in a hole. If that was his goal, the Texas dude indeed succeeded.

When will this one man wrecking crew drop the other shoe and do what no man in his right mind would do, dare to mess with Medicare, turn social security into an insecurity, bit by bit destroy benefits.

The day of payoff time grows nigh when the groups put up the cash to buy Big Ears four more years are coming to the discount store seeking gifts galore. The pay is go hard on the gay community, give DeLay and others like him immunity, distortion of abortion laws, deliver to the mighty right what they hoped might become theirs by right.

If you wonder what will millions, even billions buy, stick around and you'll soon learn. Big business has the bucks to burn. And the dough will flow to those who show their loyalty to royalty---King George the First, by far the worst leader of the payback pack. That is, unless you're a Republican Party hack.


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