Tuesday, August 30, 2005


Sam, Sam the handyman, with a hammer and saw and a piece of wood was damn good at doing what he did. He could be trusted to fix what's busted. repair a chair, a broken door, a drawer, a tile a floor, a roof with a hole that's been leaking for a week, a cracked sugarbowl, a vase or a vaz, what ever it was and what you call it and he can even make new a whatchamacallit, a tricky doohickey, dad's doodad. a thingamajig, grandma's wig, stitches in a witch's britches or anything else that itches, a swinging gate at Watergate, a room in a tomb or a big bang boom, expand the womb of who knows whom, a blooming rose who's a friend Edgar Allen Poe or any pro who knows his prose. See Sam, Sam the handyman, damn he's good!



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