Saturday, August 20, 2005


George Bush, the dumb cluck Lame Duck is stuck in a no-win situation. If it only affected the disrespected, belatedly rejected unelected/selected president, I'd just say "So what," and let that be that.

But the Dubya mess has caused too much stress and distress for our nation and dampened the expectation of what was and should and still could be. So what he does or doesn't do affects the lives of you and me and every lover of democracy.

This spendthrift got a gift from Bill and couldn't wait until he took control to dig the hole he and we are in. He claimed political capital that "I intend to spend." In the end he frittered it away and that's OK. But some dumb thing might go his way and then there'd be hell to pay. And the devil, George, would get his way.

The way things go, for all we know, this political show could turn on a dime and the perpetrator of the crime would come up smelling like roses to a lot of stuck up. stuffed up noses. For now, we're glad the dumb cluck lame duck is down on his luck. But in this nip and tuck political game we play things still could go the other way. So let's just recall where he spent it all and hope that the hack won't get it back.

His opposition to stem cell didn't sell and his push for judges hasn't gone well, but who can tell? His bid to reshape social security into a Wall Street money tree at the expense of seniors just like you and me could send us down the one way road to bankruptcy.

Admittedly, Dubya's war is going great guns, but the arms and ammunition, the bombs that send thousands to perdition are in the hands of the insurgency. Meanwhile, in line with George's style, our boys still die and even he, the terrorist of democracy, cannot justify just why.

Bush has no credibility. His gang is plagued by improbability and instability. George never had the ability to fill the bill he won illegally. We have had enough of Bush's bluff. Shouldn't America get off its duff, get tough and---I and millions more beseech---impeach the son of a Bush!


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