Saturday, October 01, 2005


High diddle diddle what little George did will daunt him till his dying
day. He's caught in the middle and still wants to fiddle with lives
that he piddles away. He was baddy-bad-bad with his blab-blab-blab.
Now thousands are dead because of things he has said and millions are
sad because loved ones they had died because Dubya lied.

And what did he say as the war got worse and hearse after hearse
dragged bloody body bags away? "We'll steady the course. We'll pursue our
objective until we're defective. that is, I mean, effective. So say
I, your selective Commander in Grief, I mean Thief, that is I belief,
I'm your Chief, your Demander in Chief.

"And don't change your horse in the middle of the puddle. We'll just
muddle along even when things go wrong we'll keep singing the song, 'We
shall be overcome..." And so say he who stole the presidency and
created an enemy where none existed because he insisted they had WMDs
that we had to seize before they blew us all to kingdumb come.

Well Georgie stuck his thumb into what he thought was a plum but it
turned out a prune and soon, as the bodies continue to stack, we'll
give back Iraq to the good and the bad of picturesque Baghdad and we'll
worry about the flood and the drought and how did things work out after
things got too breezy and the Big Easy weren't easy no more and why
wasn't our boozer loser minding the store?


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