Tuesday, September 13, 2005


How could a president with a record like Bush survive a first term like a squirming worm, like an infectious germ that has no cure, like a pile of manure in a reeking sewer be returned to continue control of a nation he spurned and turned from a democracy into the land of Bush hypocrisy?

He stole the first time, got away with it, decided to play with it like a toy and boy! did he enjoy! Like a gift cast adrift after it failed to give a lift to the user, Bush the abuser, the chronic loser turned to the religious right and saw the light and heard the voice of God, that's right, who said, "I choose you to lead this fight to, to use your might to wipe out all who doubt My word, the Word of God."

But Bush misconstrued and what ensued. Bush killed those who had done no evil and they were convicted by this weasel to an early grave. Only those who vowed to be saved could survive to keep their date not with the Almighty we all revere, but the leader of the dynasty launched by a mind destroyed by booze and beer and plagued by fear of those who believe in integrity and human dignity.

Now those who put this mole in power have a chance to redeem themselves and end this nightmarish dream. They committed a sin to get Bush in. They can commit the world to greater glory by ending his reign and sending him to purgatory on his way to a hell he designed and had in mind all the time.

Bush wasn't God's mistake. God didn't make Bush king. He didn't do a single thing to bring this about. God got duped. no doubt. Let Him out. It's time the lout be found out.


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Well said, Sir!

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