Thursday, September 01, 2005


How can George Bush and others of his ilk bilk the voters investment of trust in their incompetent administration of a nation at war and sleep at night?

If that were me or any man possessed of sanity, professing morality and living by the laws of Christianity, he would lie awake counting the dead instead of sheep jumping over the fence from life to death and leaving a trail of blood behind.

But men like Bush and others of his kind don't seem inclined to trouble their mind with such frivolities or trivialities. All they know is how to seize the power, seize the hour and build their tower of Babble-On.

Shed a tear for the dead? That thought never enters their head. Says our fearless leader, "Forget the past. Just pray that you will be last to die. Do what I say. Forget the dead. Forge ahead! Three Cheers for the U.S.A!"


Anonymous Robert Wilson said...

NORAD "stood down" 9/11.

FEMA "stood down" Katrina.

This was intentional. It's an excuse to (a) "Blame The Bureaucracy" [to create momentum to "gut-like-a-fish" government checks-&-balances] (b) destroy government's role [and expectations of government help] (c) divide and conquer the civic body by reinforcing the worst images of the poorest.

And don't forget (d) profiteering. Halliburton just got another fat no-bid contract.

America deserves Bush. Because Americans won't recognize the radical agenda of Neocons.


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