Wednesday, February 22, 2006


What is a family? Moms and Pops and kids and pets. Aunts and uncles, cousins by the dozens. Old folks. kinfolks, grannies, gramps. Little scamps. Telling jokes and spilling Cokes, Boy Scout cookouts. Trips to the Zoo. Brand new twins and toothless grins. Birthday cakes and bellyaches. Easter bunnies, Sunday funnies. Teddy bears and falls down stairs. Little precious memories. That's what makes strangers family.

Families say a lot and eat a lot and weigh a lot and, on special days, pray a lot, and do you know what? They care a lot and share a lot and that is not the end of it, They spend a lot and lend a lot and give a lot to hard luck members of their family too proud to admit they are in need when, in deed, they are. They scream and yell like hell a lot and get so mad they'd like to kill a lot, but never will because, in spite of all, they are still members of the family.

You see, there's something special about each family. Some are old, some are young, some rant and rave in different tongues. In a way they're not all the same. They have a lot of different names. Many come from different nations. They all have other relations. But once two strangers meet and wed it has been said they are one and that's the way it ought to be. They're family!


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