Sunday, February 26, 2006


This is the story of war---any war. No matter the name, they're all the same, Forget the shame, the fame, the gore, the glory, the story of why and how they're raging now, or shaped a temporary peace, or ceased the killing to bury their dead. They all have one commonality--- bigotry, greed and anti religiosity and ethnicity. And that takes in a hell of a lot of territory.

Men and, sometimes, women too, will talk and talk till they are blue to work their worries and their wearies out, face their mistakes, bemoan unlucky breaks and alter rules made by fools that fueled the wars that changed the course of history of friends and foes and those who maintained integrity and sustained neutrality while hostility was tearing the world apart and breaking hearts and upsetting international apple carts.

Opposing forces inevitably fail to see how even small inconsistencies can lead to the impossibility of harmony to nations whose economies are meant to be interdependent. That doesn't make sense in dollars and cents, yet foolhardy events increase the chance of unintended consequents.

Yes, this world is in a mess. Yes, it will always be, more or less, the way it was, the way it is. But that's showbiz.

There ain't no hope when dopes can't cope and grope in the dark for a place to park their addled brains. Humanity is hooked on insanity and its leaders have too much vanity to face their fate if they don't set the record straight before it's too late.


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