Friday, February 16, 2007


Presidunce Bush, once just a crackpot who got selected president because the ding-a-ling did his thing to bring daddy's influence to bear and swing the Court of Selling Voters Short to tramp its own integrity and support the GOP monopoly.

Consider the situations where dollars and sense clash with cash of mountainous amounts to pay for a War of Waste lost in space and nobody willing or able to chase it down. Billions gone and the Pentagon spends on and on to put Iraq back on track after our forces invaded it and tried to trade the goof we made for the spoils of oils and shaft the voters while the corporate crooks reaped in the graft.

Evidence of immense expense pops up in contracts for work shoddily done or not at all, left to fall between the cracks, while Bush and all his party hacks yackity-yack for more tax bucks sucked away from domestic needs to feed the greed of Hallliburton and certain Iraq fakers on the take.

And waiting in the wings, among other things, are the troops Bush wants to spend $100 billion to send, intended to hasten the end of a winless war. These guys are wise enough to know that if they go they might fight and they might die for another lie or two or quite a few Bush will spew before this war is---if ever---through.

What's involved in the problems that probably will never be solved? Billions of billions. Just chicken-feed. Yes in deedy, yes indeed!


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