Tuesday, February 06, 2007


Humpty Dumpty Dubya, the total flop, is still on top but according to the Constitution there is a solution to this pollution that's infecting our democracy, I't's called IMPEACH the Creep, the leach on the nation's economy, dignity and integrity.

How can you convince this master of incompetence, who makes no sense but whose arrogance and contempt convince him he's exempt from all the laws of the land, to atone for all his crimes? When (not if) he's found guilty, send this illegal president to serve hard time like any convicted con.

Shame him. Blame him. Name him Public Enemy Number One to Ten. Serial Killer of three thousand GIs, and thousands more. The charge is premeditated murder in the first degree. That's lenient considering the deviant still holds the title of Chief of Enough Stuff.

Until this illegal, self-invented president is sent up the river, or hung by his dad's gonads until he confesses to the mess he got the U.S. in, let him dangle, let him strangle, let him try to wangle out of the mangled tangle he has created that has downgraded and denigrated the reputation of our nation coast to coast and in most of our once loyal, oil starved allies and sometime friendly enemies.

We've had crooks and connivers and reckless drivers like Bush on the Books before. Most had to pay for what they've done. So why should that Son of Bush go scott free? Isn't this still a democracy where all, from presidents to peasants, are treated equally?

Fear not, the world will still survive even if the Wanted are sentenced Dead or Alive. America will still go on after Humpty Dumpty Dubya's gone.


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