Saturday, February 03, 2007


Are trillions of believers victims of shrewd deceivers who use the word of God, who preach and teach what they say the Lord said and they know it's so because they read it in the Bible.

In churches great and churches small and those who have no church at all, men and women who answered the call to spread His word repeat what some so easily forget: "Trust in God. He will never let you down." These words profound are told to young and old. Some are sold, others doubt.

Cynics cry out: "It's a LIE!" And if you ask them why they look up to the sky, point a finger and sigh. "Billions die needlessly by acts of God and Man. By far, from war. And from pain caused by hurricanes, floods and other things caused by God that man cannot understand or explain. Does the Bible tell when will sorrow cease? When will the world live in peace?"

When you hear in cliche what preachers say to defend the wrath God hath wrought you cannot but doubt what they say to chase the guilt away, When you hear hell fire and thunder from the pulpit don't you wonder what it's all about? Is it a plot to save or control your soul? Is he who states the word of God debating or perpetuating fraud?

Pause and think. There never was a Santa Claus. Laws of logic cannot be denied. As children grow wiser they decide Santa's just a fairy tale created to boost the sale of toys for good little girls and boys, If a child is poor, must endure privation, near starvation, how can he be served by Santa, saved by God, both frauds?

If you had a friend you could depend on in your need and he agreed, then skipped town and let you down, would you blame him or God? If you pray day after day for pain to go away, if you asked God not to let your mother die and there was no reply when your father asked "Why?" would it be fair to say God is a fraud? Or He doesn't care? Or He was never there?


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