Saturday, January 20, 2007


Jake the Snake was having trouble of late. He had a problem with his prostate. For years he didn't know he had one. It turns out he had a bad one.

The symptoms were undeniable. Even reptiles are liable to spring a leak. But leak a lake in a week? Jake went to see wise old Dr. Owl, a specialist in bladders and bowels, When he related his tale of woe about how he had to go and go and was flustered by the flow from his prostate, Dr. Owl started to hoo and howl with glee. Finally, he said: "For goodness sake, you know snakes can't pee, so what need thee for a prostate anyway?"

"All I know, I've got this flow, my bladder's full, I've gotta go." Saying that Jake let go a flow and drenched the owl from head to toe which then emitted a most un-owl howl and drowned in the lake Jake had made with his leaking prostate.

Even God couldn't explain the drain but he hired Jake all the same to leak around God's Ark, parked high on a hill ready to sail with all hands and feet aboard. God gave the word: "Go forth and leak a creek." Jake did that and more from shore to shore.

The creek became a stream, the stream a lake and, landagoshen, at last an ocean that covered the wide countryside from "here to thar" and thar was far from here, enroute to the Garden of Eden where Jake achieved a change in history and Adam and Eve left to start breedin' what the unpopulated world God created was needin'.

And Jake's prostate brought it all about.


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