Thursday, January 18, 2007


If you have complications with constipation on vacation at a location where a lax of X-lax compounds the situation a surefire solution to this violation of your constitution, known to make the problem pass, is prune juice in a glass. That should free you of this malignancy. If it fails what ails you, bran's the way to go. This nature's medication works when others of noble intent end in gassy flatulent. Flakes can make you make and end the ache in your bummy tummy.

There's yet another I suggest you try that might resolve this dilemma: an enema; All you need is a bucket of water, a rubber hose, a bar of soap and hope. You squirt liquid in, let it begin to bubble and resolve the trouble. When you can't hold it anymore, relax and let it roar. Don't be in a rush to flush. There'll be more and more and more. When it's over, ah the peace that comes with release!

Now check the menu, what's the fare? You'll be hungry enough to eat a bear. Or a horse, of course.


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