Tuesday, January 02, 2007


The warming of the planet is more alarming than we know, yet if politicians and congressional commissions told us so, straight out without distortions panic of immense proportions would replace blind acceptance that keeps the masses suspiciously in tow. Scientists insist the threat is true. But who believes those who really know? Do you?

While the world may be on trial we prefer denial as a way to cope and hope what many fear will disappear in time to celebrate the passing of another year. The bells will ring, The Times Square ball will fall. There will be happy cheers. Celebrants will wait to sing and dance, to pour the booze and spread the news of happy times to come, Drums will roll and every soul will welcome in a brand new year. That's how it will be---hopefully.

If all goes according to man's plan, on the morn of December thirty-one the sun will shine in a cloudless sky, the weather will be warm or cold or in between and the air will be fresh and clean, promise of a coming eve of revelry with hangovers waiting in the wing. But everything will be just fine as another day of bright sunshine gets set to usher in a brand new year soon to begin.

As the day wandered on, beyond the dawn, puffy clouds tinged with gray appeared and would not go away. But they could not dim the anticipation of a night of celebration. Yet far off in an angry sea waves heaved higher than seamen believed they'd ever seen. Water spouts miles high and miles wide took ships and fish and human debris on a roller-coaster ride. The air turned cold as the day grew old and foretold of death soon to be on land and sea.

On shore an intermittent chill moved in, the sky turned black as tar, the moon and stars went to sleep and a blanket crept over the sky as the whole world slept and wept. And as the witch's brew grew, doubters overwhelmed with fear, asked God, "Is it true? Is the end near? Will armageddon soon be here?"

Suddenly a blast occurred. No-one heard for there were none to hear. There would be no new year.

God sat on His throne all alone and watched the world disappear.


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