Wednesday, December 27, 2006


Dubya has the urge to surge and plans to splurge more GIs who won't survive an all out attack on Iraq's insurgency. This once rabble-dabble rebel force has grown in will and skill at killing troops who have stayed the course.

Potential recruits, rest assured, will not be lured to fill the boots of those who lost and ended up dead or wounded mortally. They aren't a bunch of jerks and can't be lured by perks for signing on the dotted line. They know it's idiotic, not patriotic, to enlist in a war where Bush insists we're winning, something he has said from the beginning. He persists in spreading lies while more GIs are daily listed among the casualties.

All the generals oppose, Bush proposes. Who do you suppose knows more? An incompetent, arrogant make believe president, head of a bunch of "knowitalls" who didn't have the guts or balls to go war and didn't give a
damn about the troops in Viet Nam? Or generals who have spent their lives in the military fighting wars and wary of the Monday morning quarterbacks running a phony war in Iraq?

Why should they be cannon fodder when the Bush daughters spend their time boozing up on the taxpayers dime? How sad! No good boozer losers just like Dad!

The truth Bush can't abide is just he can't decide and so the GIs are forced to go along for the ride until this so-called "decider" makes up a mind it's known he doesn't own.


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