Tuesday, December 19, 2006


Every day the sun would rise to greet my eyes to tell me life was still here waiting for me patiently. But one day the sun did not appear and its eternal glow remained in the memory of my mind. Suddenly I faced the fear of the galaxy: the dreaded DOOMSDAY is near!

I gazed upon the sky where there was once a sun and watched the stars disappear, one by one. Then the moon was there alone and with a moan that-echoed repeatedly, each time with lessening ferocity, faded to a whisper until all that could be heard was the unspoken word, the ebb and flow of a mourning sea.

All was silent, all was still. There was no breeze. The leaves of trees trembled inwardly. Animals, human and otherwise, looked to the blackened sky and realized. DOOMSDAY was almost here,

This fateful day and more to come was marked by less than nothingness. There was no ear to hear a sound and so the whole world round was mute. There was no one to eat or taste and animal and human waste oozed from a rotting mesh of decaying flesh and vegetation as the putrefaction of civilization invaded and pervaded the stagnant air and fumes were stuck in stagnancy.

DOOMSDAY did not appear. Maybe next year!


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