Wednesday, December 13, 2006


When I die I hope that I will leave a large amount in my bank account to satisfy my creditors, inviting writings in my eMac memory to please my editors, enough clothes I bought and never wore to fill a Goodwill store.

I freely leave a freezer filled with expensive meats that hungry people like to eat, six packs of beer and vintage wine to whet the tongues of those young boozing friends of mine. And all sorts of crackers and cheese to please my midnight snackers,

There must be peaches, pears, assorted fruits and greens to suit the moods of health food eaters and diet cheaters. And I hope they find those weight loss pills and unpaid doctor bills to treat a dozen ills that didn't kill me.

Those who miss me please take notice, don't pay Dr. Hocuspocus because his diagnosis was way out of focus. I'm not dead of anything the doctor said. I died of the pain Hocuspocus gave me in my touchus.


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