Sunday, December 10, 2006


Hey, you lame duck schmuck, out of luck dumb cluck of a president, I pity you. You are an innocent malcontent excuse for a president who just doesn't know what or why you do what you do. You, victim of denial. should be on trial and I'll tell you why.

A guy like you has long been through but keeps on doing what you do because zany Cheney, that on the job slob---sob! sob! sob!---he and a bunch of blobs tell you what to say, what to do and, twit you are, you do it.

You don't know why you are so mean and lean of brainy bean, but are convinced it's keen to send GIs to die and sack Iraq without a plan as you play president and believe you were heaven sent to become the savior out of favior just to tell the world to go to hell.

Well, that's enough compliments for now. Somehow, you've got more nuts than nerve and deserve more credit than you get for screwing up with a half filled cup while driving an Edsel on empty to a bankrupt bottoms up democracy.

Yes, you did your best to be the worst, the first since who knows when to do it wrong again and again, to make misteaks, You once had the stuff to bluff the masses of horse's asses, but enough's enough. Let's hope the Dems can stem our nation's slide toward economic suicide. You took us for a helluva downhill ride.

And now good-bye, lame duck schmuck.


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