Sunday, December 03, 2006


In the cutthroat world of business and industry where incompetent mismanagement can cause distress, create a mess that leads to great expense and loss of confidence, it makes no sense to retain a failed exec who directly or indirectly caused the corporate wreck.

If it happened on his watch, he'd be fired. Not given the easy way out. Not "retired" on a pension of astronomical dimension. Not let go with a condescending commendation. Not with a phony show of reverence, softened by a healthy severance.

We know what it's all about. Dubya failed, tried to cover up incompetence at our expense. He took us for a ride. His actions were not justified. He lied. No doubt. Just kick him out!

Dubya, man of denial, should be facing trial for crimes committed against humanity. We supported this man who conned the world behind its back and started a phony war with Iraq. Finally, we got wise to his illegal enterprise. He should pay for lies that led to thousands dead and maimed and loved ones left to grieve. We've treated him with dignity, justified his monstrosity. Should we string along with an incompetent, arrogant president who knows no wrong, give him more time to compound his crimes while we stand by and let him get away with it? It's time for him to pay for it.

We've never sent a president to jail. But none have failed so monumentally, are more deserving of extreme penalty. Maybe it's just a dream but sometimes dreams can come true.


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