Wednesday, November 29, 2006


Like millions of billions of trillions and God-zillions more in years gone by I ask the creator living in heaven, Why will you, with all your creative ability, unless you're finally in the early stages of senility, or like old timers, a victim of Alzheimer's Disease, please dip into your bag of tricks and fix this mixed up world and give us one more try to do or die.

Why can't you make it your intention to prevent our demise and improvise men and women, too, God willing, to stop the killing and devastation of this nation destined to end in one big bang like it all began at your command? Don't let Iran plan an A-Bomb war or some dumb strike back attack by Iraq or, who knows what, who knows where, who knows when, who knows why.

When you've done your bit to spare this world one last hit, concentrate on another creation or take a long vacation on Miami Beach or Mars or end impending wars on other stars some place else in outer space.


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