Saturday, November 18, 2006


ONE: They've shipped American jobs overseas to boost the economies of foreign nations while our workers go on forced, unpaid vacations. It's the same old GOP payoffs: Longtime Layoffs.

TWO: They've shifted to the backs of the middle class increased taxes once shared by the rich and famous. The chosen few get their breaks in inflated rebates. The poor get a pittance and good riddance from the GOP.

THREE: The "decider" decided all on his own to set the stage to defeat a raise in the minimum wage. Big business doesn't want that. They want to grow big and fat while the rest of us stay stringbean lean. That's the way in the Republican USA.

FOUR: Medicare's become an I Don't Care for those who need it most---the poor, the needy, the unemployed and, you bet, our GIs and our Vets. The bulk of those who once enjoyed fair price care now have no cash to spare. Costs are rising and it's not surprising and so are prices for operations and for already expensive medications.

FIVE: No matter what they say, inflation's rising everyday. At the grocery. Yessiree! Did prices jump at the pump? You bet! Get your tank filled and your wallet's flat. Go tell that to George, the Chief gauger for the oil industry. They raised the price of a gal two bucks, then lowered it a dime or two. Who can say they didn't do that to you with a big OK from Bush and Cheney. Ain't it a zany thing to do?

SIX: Medicare's become an I Don't Care way to guard your health and deplete your wealth. The cost is rising and so are medications and that's a chronic cause of inflation. This is the last for now. We'll have more posts about Bush Boasts. Maybe you can add a few. Let's hear from you!


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