Wednesday, November 15, 2006


Any damn fool who proves to be a bust and doesn't deserve the trust of the people he has been selected/elected to serve should be tossed out on his rear, ear, sneer and all. But selected/elected, he's protected by a law that says impeachment is the only unassailable instrument available to remove a president is to prove he's guilty of the the most abominable, intense offense: insanity and/or incompetency.

It seems to me George Dubya B. comes in that category and, thus, should be relieved of the presidency post haste. He has initiated, innovated, instigated or abrogated more laws than a broom has straws. He has lied more times than a dollar has dimes, stolen more votes than a horse eats oats. In short, his sort should be sacked and exported to Iraq.

But in spite of his arrogance, his John Wayne stance, his lack of even a speck of intellect we're stuck with this schmuck with floppy ears and stupid sneers for two more years. Unless he is impeached, faces his fate, is given the gate and goes the route of all of his kind who should be kicked out.


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