Saturday, November 25, 2006


If the Greeks and Romans and other nations of ancient civilizations could achieve such feats of greatness that defy imagination, in war and peace, in philosophy and architectural mastery, why have they not left a legacy of democracy that would last from antiquity up to the world of insanity we occupy, perhaps temporarily, in a haphazard way today?

History is not a teacher or a preacher of right and wrong, good or bad. It records what was, predicts what might be if man ignores the lessons of humanity. How they react to established fact can delay or erase centuries of progress that could have been the base of a world of peace, love and brotherhood, of things good we need desperately today,

Most powers of today have mastered techniques to take control of the weak, make them slaves of masters. This inevitably leads to disaster. What causes the fall of fools who seek to rule? Greed. Not just for gold or jewels, but also for land and power that towers over all.

Although tyrants lose what they gain, greed fuels the goal of every soul who seeks control. Throughout centuries, empires rise and fall, dictators come and go and, although they must know the risk they face, they seek a place in history that will remain eternally.

Be they tyrants, be they saints, be they men or women fueled by blind ambition, no matter their mission, history will forever be there to testify they were once alive. History will survive. Those who make it seldom do.


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