Tuesday, November 21, 2006


What unmitigated gall! Telling patriotic gays who want to serve the USA
in anyway they can to prove they are true blue Americans they must not
admit what they are just to have the right to fight in this stinking
war. Don't ask, don't tell? You can go to hell!

In the beginning when the big fat ass brass in Washington was convinced
we were winning and so did Iraq, the military turned its back on gays,
said they didn't have the guts to fight, would seduce the troops at
night, molest recruits and were just a bunch of male prostitutes out to
prey on forlorn, horny recruits away from home and family.

Some gay GIs in spite of all this crap enlisted, insisted on the right
to fight, served loyally, heroically and proved they were just as rough
and tough and had the stuff the army was looking for and sometimes
more. They fought alongside straights with pride. Some were wounded,
we'll never know how many died, who kept their sexual preference deep
inside, who served valiantly to preserve democracy.

Now, as the war goes on and on and our forces grow thin in this war
neither we nor they can win, recruiters welcome the homos in. The
majordomos have changed the rules. Gays are now OK. OK to fight, OK to
die. OK to be equals of the USA in every way.


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