Saturday, November 25, 2006


Hussein's insane. Thousands were slain under his reign. Blood baths triggered by his wrath were the product of a twisted brain. Like all tyrants, he did away with all who disagreed with his hate of democracy.

True, the Butcher of Baghdad murdered masses indiscriminately. But doesn't the clown who brought the butcher down indirectly do the same
by antagonizing those who oppose our democracy? The more we try to stem insurgents' attacks, the more they strike back and kill thousands of GIs and the innocents of Iraq.

The end result of their attacks and our strike backs is much the same. It's all a big bad Baghdad bloody game that will go on and on until all our troops are gone. And if a civil war will be, who are we to interfere? The fear we face will not end if we call it quits. But it might ease a bit once the Iraqis decide which side they're on after we are gone.

Hopefully, when their civil war has run its course Iraq will be free with its own style democracy, not based on the hypocrisy/democracy Bush and Company tried to shove down our throats to save us from the newest "ism."

Why, in spite of all the billions spent, do a majority of Iraqis resent our presence in their nation? There' no rational explanation except they want us out. That's what it's all about. And it's also about this: how many more GIs must die in a war that never had to be? How many more billions wasted away that should be bolstering our economy?

Hopefully, it will be a whole new ball game with Democrats in control. Life will never be the same if we impeach Dubya and Dick and do it quick! And kick Mickey Mouse out of the White House.


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