Wednesday, November 29, 2006


God, why do you have to be so tough? Don't you agree the world has suffered enough? You have the right stuff and the ability to put an end to all this hostility that's sending the bravest of our brave to an early grave?

Must the unwilling go on killing in a war that no sane man understands? We who want the world to be free must strike a blow for liberty.

But how can this be when the men who write the history books look the other way and deny reality? Has our democracy become an hypocrisy
where we preach this and we teach that and pass the hat so the rich get fat and the rest of us ride the bus and pay the fare and still get nowhere.

Nobody gives a damn and that includes Uncle Sam, the man of the hour in the halls of power secluded in his Ivory Tower. And we, below, watch the show of growing dead with knowing dread and grub each day for a crust of bread?


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