Friday, December 08, 2006


Come along and join the throng and sing a happy, snappy song. Join the crowd and sing out loud, spread joy to every girl and boy, let old and young, rich and poor know you're on their side and peace on earth can't be denied.

Laugh and giggle, let your tongue wiggle, let your lips smile all the while you let it be known the lonely are not alone, that those in grief who seek relief must hold onto the belief in a new tomorrow when pain and sorrow will begin to heal and bittersweet memories will replace the sadness that they feel.

Those feeling low must know life is more than come and go, that in between the beginning and the end you can be your own best friend
if you depend on life to send you more joy, less sorrow, more good than bad, more glad than sad, more health than wealth, more lucky breaks, more T-bone steaks, more of what it takes to make the best of all the rest that day by day may come your way.


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