Tuesday, December 05, 2006


I wonder as thunder roars o'er my head will I still be frightened by the fury after I am dead? It's been said by those I surmise are wise that when you're dead you're dead. This may be so, but let's be fair, how can they know since they've never been anywhere but here and here's a long, long way from there,

Since, in any event, it's not my intent to be Heaven sent to find out what death is all about, I'll remain among the innocent content to be ignorant of what will gone when I checkout. Does life after final breath lead to another way of being, freeing me of accountability of the path I am pursuing?

A baseball game must be played until the final inning, Life goes on until the loser wind up winning. So whether you play for sport or just to sort out the winners from the sinners in our years here and now we're all just rank beginners.


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