Monday, December 04, 2006


Two years Dubya be gone but what he do be linger on. Laws he unmade, games he played. Unafraid, frayed Constitooshin while liberty took it on chin. Born agin sinner/winner/loser/abuser iced Christ say he sonofaBush be saved by son of God. Ain't odd?

Two years, beers, plenty biers thanks Slap Happy Flappy Ears, Three Cheers, Sneers be gone. What he did done one humdinger hash slinger. Georgie Porgie stuck finger in Great American Pie, never taste same. Oh my!

He lie GI die thousands time. If that ain't legit complaint worth prosecuting maybe booting out while still in sperm/germ termer, best be
what? Impinched, lynched. Impeach be peachy wise justifies, Hoosegow be allow Kangaroo Court he create while be dread of state.

Be fair. Big scare. He be error. He be terror. Iraq quacks lack get on track. We whack, We bring boys back.


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