Saturday, December 09, 2006


There's no doubt George Bush won the presidency on an illegal technicality and now hides behind a shield of immunity, insisting he's absolved of all laws because he remains what he has no right to be, He and Dick Cheney, the man who claimed the vice presidency, both took an oath to respect and protect the Bill of Rights, bylaws of the Constitution, Congress and law enforcement institutions.

But the documents they now claim to protect are the same only in name. The fine print has been redesigned, redefined to bring it more into line with what the party in power wished it to be. These will be stumbling blocks along the way to restoring the USA to the democracy it was before they stole control.

And the man who must bear the blame and suffer the shame for what was done is the one who says he won fair and square and got away with it and proceeded to play with it since the day he had begun his illegal run. If Bush still has a shred of decency and integrity, there's a way he can redeem a little of his once popularity by paying homage to the thousands killed, wounded or maimed in Iraq on his watch by apologizing, admit what he did was wrong and atone for it as best he can.

George, be a Man! Admit you erred, honor those who lie in repose on distant shores or in scattered graves near home where friends and family can honor them for the price they paid to keep us free.

A monument to their memory would also be testimony to your irresponsibility in sending GIs to die needlessly in a war that never had to be. It's the least you can do. The price you pay---shame to live with you until your dying day---is only fair. It can't compare with what they did heroically to keep us free the way it was meant to be.


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