Tuesday, December 12, 2006


Have you ever taken a ride in the family car to the side of a river not so near and not so far where the narrow lanes embraced the trees and old oaks bowed to each gentle breeze? Where the leaves were turning green to gold and the country church where the old folks prayed and the school yard where the youngsters played.

Have you ever seen a homegrown smile, warm and true and just for you that beckoned stay awhile? And you stopped to chat, just like that, and you traded jokes and hee-hawed as you jawed way.

Did you spend dawdling time at a small cafe and the taste of the brew, and the danish, too, made it awfully hard to be on your way? And as you left with a friendly nod, and coins on your plate with the setting sun and it was getting late, you vowed to return another day and stay overnight in that quaint B&B with the big front lawn and the fishing pond and the wishing well and, hear tell, the breakfast feast, that was real darn swell.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

it is always nice to read your writing at night

11:51 PM  

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