Tuesday, December 12, 2006


Start of another day Some work, some play, some pay, some borrow, some put it off 'til tomorrow, Make a loan by telephone, on the Internet or the old fashioned way, shake hands to seal a deal, terms you don't understand. Tiny print, you squint. Can't read it. Relax your brain. Don't listen when the man explains. Sign on the dotted line. Here's your check, Who's next?

Wall Street makes deals. Some give, some take, both sides steal, It's done . Who lost, who won? What's the interest? What's the net? What you got is what you get, Deal is signed by low watt lamp and rubber stamp.

Stores open. Customers come in. Some grin, some frown. Some local, some from nearby town. Leave enough to pay the rent. Buy booze, pair of shoes. Down payment on a cruise. Check market news before you choose.

Kids carpool to school. Mom shopping, buying this and that. Steak she'll grill rare. Lettuce for the salad plate. Lunch with chum from single days. Who pays? Friend's a wreck, of course. Recovering from third divorce. Hello, good bye. Meet again? Who knows when? Forgot the wine. Always drink before we dine.

Kids come home. "Mom, what's to eat?" Give a treat, Something sweet. Shower, nap, hope he's not late. Got a date. Show starts at eight.

All's well. You can't tell. One second turns heaven to hell. She's had this premonition. Something bad will occur to her. Tries to be an optimist. Fear persists. Says a prayer into blank air, Fear fades away. Deal with it another day.


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