Monday, December 25, 2006


Every female has a womb for rent in the event She and a He should start a family with a life whose name for now is Baby Fetus. It will live to greet us if we let it.

The method of creation lacks complication. Two eggs meet in the course of intercourse or the calm of artificial insemination. Each is smaller than a pimple or a dimple. They get together and decide whether they should form a fetus and become a human just like us.

In common terms we're talking about sperms and ovaries that meet and fertilize a future mother's egg which will grow legs and arms, hands and other body parts and produce a little one, born with a cry to tell the world, "Here am I."

This happens every second of every day in the U. S. A., in Chicago, Kokomo and L. A., in China and Bombay, everywhere where humans work and play and animals roam and call the forests or jungles home, in every zoo, in Timbuktu and Peru and in the oceans blue. Everywhere where men and women share their love and desire to sire a little tyke who might look like, in some small way, one or both of them.

In a very simplified way, I've tried to tell the story of creation.A story old, told and retold time and again when children want to know how they and you and me and all of humanity came to be.

Who created baby making? God, who said it said trillions of trillions of years ago, I do believe, to Adam and Eve: "Go forth and multiply." They did. And God became the first grandpa.


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