Saturday, December 23, 2006


Dubya believes our forces are spread so thin that we can't win unless we order more GIs to die to fight a war that demands more of us than we bargained for.

What he doesn't understand is that if he commands more troops and calls up more reserves it will do no good and could increase resurgents' goal to bomb and kill and dig a deeper hole for a war out of control.

This sap who can hardly read a map ignores the views of those whose years in the military make them very qualified to decide what to do about the winless war he got the world into. In stead, he mouths a lot of crap about how he'll find a way to lead us to a glorious victory and convert Iraq into a democracy.

He's feeding us the same old line, redefined, about "staying the course" without showing a sign of remorse about the thousands who stayed in harm's way until they died fighting on the losing side. Does the decider/denier still deny that more and more GIs will die as he delays for days on end a way to send the troops back home and let Iraqis win or lose alone?

In spite of the fight they face, most want us out of that place where life's become a daily disgrace with death rolls growing endlessly and corruption erupting within their ranks, thanks to the mess we've created since we "liberated" them from Hussein, the main reason why Dubya defied the UN and went to war with Iraq again to do what Daddy couldn't do and failed even more miserably,

Now the only thing he can do is do what the Iraqis want us to: go home and let them fight the war alone. That, in spite of the fight ahead and the growing corruption erupting in their ranks, thanks to the president's mismanagement.

After billions the war has cost, it's time to admit we've lost, just like we did in Viet Nam. Polls tell us most Americans no longer give a damn and are fed up with Republicans. Most agree, impeach the creep and Cheney, too, and that's just what we must do.


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