Wednesday, January 10, 2007


March, march, march our boys are off to war. How many will return? Thousands left behind to grieve. Will we ever learn?

Any war, big or small, leaves a scar on us all, wounded in the heart and soul at home or on the battlefield, confronted by the enemy because a coldhearted man who stole the presidency will not yield while more and more GIs die without knowing when a bullet or a bomb will come their way bearing an old cliche: "Have a nice day."

Who starts a war? And why? Those with power have dollar bills for brains. A greedy investor complains the bottom line's declining. Guns and planes made in anticipation of an altercation has not materialized. Nations disagree, threaten hostilities, then settle their dispute. Nobody shoots, not a shot is fired.

"That's not why we made campaign contributions," a war hungry giant of industry declares. "Where's our power over the president? Our bucks were meant not for peace but to start debate that generates idiotic. patriotic hate that negates negotiations and leads to war between two sovereign nations. We've got the guns of war to sell. Let peace promoters go to hell.

"Investors will cheer when they see our profits for the year. So we've got to get the bullets flying, soldiers dyeing, their leaders defying, neither side trying to end the war. More guns, more tanks, more planes. Overwhelm the enemy. That's the only solution they see. We agree. It's what investors cry for. It's what soldiers die for. Deciders must be on our side. Or else."

"Or else what?" a lone voice wants to know.

"Or else we'll support the side that has no pride and needs our dough to keep their show on the go. They'll play it our way or we won't pay. That's the good old American Way!"

The crowd shouts out loud: "Three cheers for profits and prosperity! Long live liberty. Fight to the death until victory. God bless the good old American Way!"


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