Sunday, January 07, 2007


IF there had never been a dictator or a czar, a Mussolini, an Ayatollah Khomeini, or any other obscene, war-mad meanie, never been a Napoleon Bonapart or any other foreign upstart, never been a fascist or any sort of anti-democratic fanatic. history would be less erratic.

If there'd never been a Hitler, Stalin, a Ho Chi Minh or Idi Amin or sinning at the world's beginning, a Castro, a Tito or Pol Pot who wrought a lot of misery during their brief moments in history, it's conceivable there'd been less evil. It's believable.

If there'd never been a sick Millosevic, a Tito, a Sohito or Benito (OK so I named him twice) or a Ho Chi Minh who got constipated eating too much rice, how nice the world might be today.

If there'd never been a Juan Peron on the throne, there'd never have been a hit musical named "Argentina" not remembered by those who never saw the no show show. If Marcos, Franco and Mau Zedong had not come along to be strong men for very a short while their vile style of dictatorship would not even be a blip on the script of history. And what about Saddam? We had him and let him get away and then had to nab him again during the Iraq war, which would not have been if the court had let Gore win.

Fascism, Communism, Totalitarianism, Nazism, all attempts at absolute power, met defeat in the final hour of insane reigns. We omitted a few who also should have been committed to where evil men can do no wrong. The list is long. It could go on and on. But enough's enough. Thank God they're gone.
We've saved this blot on history for last on the list. You know who. George Dubya, of course, the losing horse in the human race.


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