Sunday, January 14, 2007


Here's the scoop: The stoop, full of poop, sends more troops to Baghdad with all his arrogance behind the zipper in his pants, As he prances and dances around sounding like a falldown clown this king who's lost his crown doesn't realize Baghdad's drowning in the red blood shed by GI and Iraqi dead.

What this bushy buffoon soon will see he has many an enemy. Ironically, the only friend he's got is we. the guys who invaded him illegally. Now, after more than three years, it appears war will go on until all our money's gone. While we waste billions helping Iraq rebuild its weary war-torn economy, bombers kill at will, slay away and make the undertaker's day.

Who do we, even bigger fools than GWB, entrust our democracy? You read about it in the daily press, president says that, president says this, he has a plan to get us out of this mess. Just send more GIs to die and all will be just apple pie OK. The insurgency will see the beefed up force, of course, and shrink away.

Oh how they fear that master of disaster, that decider of dividers. They'll send in the suiciders with bombs around their gut and blow our troops in one fell swoop all the way back to granny Bush's chicken soup.

The trouble is we backed Bush, the hack, attacked the wrong dictatorship and let real enemies with WMDs alone to play with their atomic toys and build more bombs to blow us all to dumb-dumb kingdom's come. Now, with Iraq on its back and our armed forces stagnated in the war Bush created, Iran and all the rest are ready to test the weakened weekend west forced to depend on reservists to fight a war they're untrained for.

As our army grows thin and recruitment's a no win, we're a nation led by an unelected psychopath driven by wrath who will take a bath and we'll provide the soap so that dope can come out clean as our war machine breaks down out of town. Our foes and fair weather friends know this is so. With whom will they cast their lot when things get hot? Not with us. You can bet on that!


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