Wednesday, January 10, 2007


I say this because it must be said. If this president goes ahead and sends 30,000 troops to Iraq, more than four score will be dead. This I dread. When it happens what will Dubya do? Sneer from ear to ear and whine: "You said come up with something new. I did. I tried. Now are you satisfied?"

Of course the force will dwindle again. If he's Commander in Grief he'll ask for still more men on and on until he's gone. The Democrats will inherit the mess of this less than sane ex-president, proud of the fact he destroyed Iraq and the USA by his illegal, ill-advised unwise winless war.

Perhaps he'll be impeached, thrown in jail like all guilty of high crimes should for what they've done and Bush has done it to everyone day by day in every way throughout the USA. And to former allies, too.

There's just one way to end this war. If we're accused of losing it, admit it, be done with it. Iraqis want us out at any cost. Let's face it, we've lost, paid the price. Billions, maybe trillions, down the sewer. And what about the GIs who died or are still alive and suffer with disabilities they'll have until they die?

This I predict, if we admit we're licked---just like we were in Vietnam---there'll be unrest, civil uprisings, murder, all the rest. But that's happening NOW. Somehow Bush doesn't see it. Can't believe it. Can't conceive it. But surprise, GWB. Use your eyes. Let it sink into that dimwit brain. There it is, right as rain. More than three thousand GIs slain!

Once we get out no doubt fury will run its course. Then opposing forces will get together, sick of all the dying, denying they have a mutual need to live without people like Bush to bleed them blind. They'll find a way to put their guns and bombs away and say OK, give peace a try. Otherwise, we all die.

So admit your guilt up to the hilt. Just look at what you built. Error upon error. YOU caused the terror. It should dog you till you die. Goodbye. George W. Bush. The world has had its fill of you!


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