Thursday, January 11, 2007


In a world that's upside down, down is up and up is down. Right is wrong and wrong is right and day is night and the clown wears a frown to let each girl and boy know his heart is filled with joy.

No is yes and yes is no and so-so means it's really so. North is South and East is West and those who know that they don't know, know South is cold and North is hot and a little means a lot. Black is White and White is Black and birds do not take flight but give it. It is true that truth's a lie and behind each lie there lies a truth.

Good is bad so it's bad to be good and that's the way it should be because should is shouldn't and shouldn't is not what it seems to be in a world where waves of sand surge from the sea that calmly waits patiently on the shore to see what the sand which is the sea plans to do seasonly.

But seasons for some up-down reason are opposite from what they used to be. And I am You and You are Me and We are They and They are We even though that's not what it's unsupposed to be. And since "unsupposed" is not a word you ever heard I deem it means what it doesn't mean.


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