Sunday, January 14, 2007


When science becomes a fact and the inexact is exactly accurate, how will we then separate fantasy from reality, the empirical of God's miracles? Will it someday be a sin to give medicine credit when cures begin to kick in
because the laws of God make it so?

When prayer can clear polluted air and preachers can grant absolution to those who trash the atmosphere, will we need exterminators and other eliminators to do away with bugs and prey who get in the way of a sunny bug-free day at the beach?

Will we no longer need wonder drugs when a tablespoon of sun on a cloudy day will wipe away all body pain, will a cure for cancer be a glass of milk three times a day with cookies on the side to tide you over till the milk kicks in?

Will nicotine keep lungs clean and caffein help you sleep at night? Will we read by the light of fireflies? Will a mini-earthquake shake you to make sure you're awake, then go back to sleep as the sun creeps back into the sky after bidding the moon beddiebye? Will a flake of snow on the tongue three times day keep you young and full of play?

Will a full moon still enhance romance and help you remember what you forgot about making love in a hot affair? And as you share each thing you dare to do will you learn to care as true lovers do?

Science is a wonderful thing. In time it will bring a year 'round spring, but that can be good or bad depending on the ending of the warming trend that's destroying our ecology. But science will probably find away. And if and when all else fails...PRAY!


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Your almost at 5000 that is so great before you know it you will be at 190,000

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