Monday, January 29, 2007


I've got this to say about DUBYA Doodoo, the dunce of D. C., the Horse's Ass of Texass, the precedent setting president whose assent was an event no fiction writer could ever invent.

He stole the store from Al Gore In two-zero-zero-zero, strutted like a hotshot Nero hero, set out to paint the town his favorite color---yeller---and turned the White House into a bordello where he prostituted his selected/unelected position to fulfill his mission to destroy democracy and replace it with GOP hypocrisy.

He disobeyed laws he himself okayed, played the fool, broke every rule in the books and chose schnooks and crooks, liars and deniers, deal makers, fakers and order takers and assorted sorts, including members of the Supreme and lesser "yessir, yessir" courts, to do anything he told them to.

There's nothing the Demander and mishandler of the troops wouldn't stoop to do to raise his plunging approval rates and re-convince the dupes that, since we're in a losing war of his choosing, we should be excusing his stupidity and do his bidding (he must be kidding) and ship more unwilling GIs to that thrilling paradise of Iraq knowing and few will be coming back except in body bags or boxes air fare free to receive medals posthumously.

And won't their loved ones, wives, daughters and sons, moms and dads be glad to welcome home their boy who died with patriotic pride and joy to keep our country terror free.

Three cheers for President George W. Bush, the Red, White and Blue and the good old YOU S A!


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