Saturday, February 03, 2007


Some kisses give me blahs, some bliss. This I pondered as I wandered about trying my kisses out on other oscillator volunteers from coast to coast. They needed one qualification to participate in my investigation: they had to be equipped with lips.

Land a goashes, halitosis left me breathless. I dismissed these kissers after one brief kiss. Those with braces on their teeth, although kissable, were ruled inadmissible after one cut my lip and clung to my tongue. Some contestants were old, some young, some tall or short, fat or thin. All were eager to begin. And I found out what I'd been missing in my kissing.

Kissing often is inspired by fires kindled down below that grow as they go from thighs to eyes and everything inbetween. They set the scene for actions and reactions clean or obscene but all are satisfying, worth the trying.

Kisses can come from the heart or crotch or taper off a notch by those who know what to do and know when they're through. A smooch can send you to the moon, remind you of an old-time tune, last too long or end too soon, start quite right, end quite wrong.

A kiss can taste like fine vintage wine when tongues entwine but if store bought teeth get in the way they can spoil a perfect day


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