Sunday, February 11, 2007


Where oh where is IBM to control the whole mishmash of war? We've got computers ad finitim, item after item of fight 'em weapons able and capable of killing the enemy, but nothing but the White House corps to battle the bigger enemy, the P and D (Pentagon and Defense) of the Blackhole waste of military tomfoolery.

A million here, a billion there, a trillion somewhere in the lair of unaccountability. An immense expense in more calculators than you can count to figure out the amount spent and where it went, who sent what and how and wow! thar she blows, the woes of war, not on the killing fields but where intelligence yields to incompetence and the inability to count to three without the aid of fingers and toes and PhDs, unable to remember with ease, multiplication tables and the Golden Rule learned in grammar school.

The media, like a ship floundering in a pounding sea, who long ago forgot the meaning of the word objectivity, is assigned the task to ask questions, make suggestions of how to stem the cost, find lost tanks and planes, missing missiles and all too human brainless brains, the gut of what war's all about.

The winners of battles in Iraq, wounded by bullets and ack-ack flack attack, may wind up with medals on their chest and lose an arm or leg in the process. Winners in Congress will be those who have success cleaning up the mess left by a party in distress. Hopefully, they'll possess the will to do the job and not hobnob with the lobby screw up crew and act independently in their decision-making capacity.

Probes will go on until all the opposition's gone. No doubt, they'll scream and shout, then figure out a plan to replace the one debased, erased. Shame is, they'll be different in name and content, not in intent.

So let the game go on!


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