Monday, October 18, 2010


Why do some trees, oceans and seas. mysteries and incurable disease and hypocrisies live after we’re gone? Why do elephants get years to swing their trunks and flap their ears and snakes enjoy long lives to sliver and make people shiver and quiver at their sight, especially in the dark of night?

Some rattle as they saddle up for battle. Why do they tattle to their enemy before they make an hissssurprise maneuver?

Do lions pray their prey will get away, that the chase is just the way they work up an appetite for a midnight snack of snake on rye?

Meanwhile we human bunglers lack the guile and style to do what junglers do to stay alive, survive on four legs or none as millions of reptilians do.

We do our thing on life’s stage, then disengage at a predetermined age and gracefully bid goodbye to long or shortgevity.

I take pills to defy my ills. I hear about a diet. I try it. I exercise to enlarge muscle size and decrease body weight by not eating as much as I once ate. I shower at an early hour, wake up smelling like a flower. I take a daily tonic, fearing I’ll become a chronic user abuser, that I’ll end up a loser when the Big Chooser in the sky says, “Do you know what, you health nut, when you gotta go you gotta go.”

So I’ll go. To where I don’t know. When I get there. If they reject me expect me back blogging away. Until then, toodaloo to you!


Blogger Grimm said...

I enjoyed your verse, but think you might have meant slither not sliver in the first paragraph.
Btw. I found it because I was browsing uses of 'shortgevity' before employing it myself.

9:18 AM  
Blogger Grimm said...

I guess I am a couple of years too late with the previous comment. Oh well.

9:23 AM  

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