Thursday, August 05, 2010


Jake the Snake had a belly ache, sometimes here, sometimes there, off and on everywhere in his eight-foot long digestive tract. In fact. the ache would react to every try by the voodoo vet to track it down with his snake-a-scope.

“There’s no hope,” the voodoo vet told Jake. “The ache won’t stay in any place long enough for my scope to make a snakeanosis. But what I suppose is, you’ve got a slippery digestive tract and every time you flick your tail the ache takes off and sails down your gut to your butt, but it, alas, is out of gas so your ache can’t pass an unlubricated exit hole.”

“So give me a recycled BP gas blast pill so the ache can exit,” was Jake’s suggestion.

“I will, but that pill is for indigestion. You’re afflicted with outigestion. I question. will it cure your reptilian condition?”

“If not, then what?” Jake wanted to know. He didn’t wait for the vet’s reply. Why? Jake couldn’t wait to shake the ache. So he swallowed the pill and instantly shrunk to the size of a wiggly worm.

The voodoo vet went fishing, used Jake for bait. Did Jake the Worm wiggle free and grow back to the eight foot Jake the Snake he used to be? Probably.


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