Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Many fear and many cheer and many deny and defy the prediction of the coming of the End of Days. The Mayans predict the day and year---Dec. l2 in 2011. Historians and theologians are not as precise as they envision the rebirth of Christ. To some, the date and time grows near, but when Jesus might reappear is still uncertain. Disbelievers deny the prophesy as the ravings of the Religious Right.

But then, again, there are those who say nobody knows. It just might happen in the darkness of one night when a light so bright burns the eyes it turns the skies into an inferno that rivals hell. Who can tell?

Ancient writings, in translation, are causing speculation as to the validity of the illustrations and ancient scrolls which predict the end of life on earth. For what it's worth, believers believe they will achieve eternal life if they accept the son of God while still living on this sod.

It's predicted those who are saved will embrace salvation, experience reincarnation and live forever at the side of the Lord. But those who defy the Word will live in a world grown deadly grim. Fire and flood, oceans of blood, cries of pain, rational men and women gone madly insane, drought and rain, a sun intense and events men of science cannot explain---these are the envisioned punishments awaiting those who spent their life debating the predictions and convictions of the blind believers.

Who's to know who's right, who's wrong? Who's to judge the judgment or what was meant by ancient script? Were those of grace lost in space or did they land in that holy place? Was the trial and tribulation that plagued all civilization, if it indeed occurred, just a phase of nature's ways which had nothing to do with the so-called End of Days?

The world will go to its doom with an atomic boom or when there are so many people and not enough room or when water and air are fouled beyond repair or when the birds and bees and trees and all those and these from sea to sea are no longer there. But until that happens don't despair. In a trillion trillion years it's gotta go. Just remember, I told you so.


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